Cybersecurity in Maryland

Maryland has a critical mass of federal agencies and information technology companies that place it as a national epicenter of federal cybersecurity activities. World-class cybersecurity facilities include NSA, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 12 major military installations (including Fort Meade in Anne Arundel County which is home to the Navy Fleet Cyber Command and the new U.S. Cyber Command), and hundreds of federal contractors and private technology companies.

Maryland information technology employment is dominated by firms that provide computer systems design, key players in cybersecurity activities. Overwhelmingly, stakeholders in Maryland report a need to increase the pipeline of qualified cyber workers as the state’s most immediate and significant challenge.

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The field of cybersecurity is projected to grow by 41% in the next 8 years. Still an emerging field, the median hourly earning is $38 an hour.

Not only are cybersecurity measures important for defense and governmental entities, they are important for any industry or business needing to secure confidential information from hacking. Types of businesses can include banks, health care providers, major corporations, information technology, e-retailers and businesses, or any small business connected via the internet. For more information on Cybersecurity in Maryland, visit The Maryland Department of Commerce’s CyberMaryland Report

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